As part of the renewable energy sector, our team has opted to educate the next generation about India’s energy requirement and how it would provide job prospects. We, as a design firm, recognise the need for experienced workers in this industry, however there are far less skilled workers than the demand. That’s also one of the reasons we’ve expanded our training offerings, because solar has a bright future, but only with the necessary skills and training. Any industry requires some level of education, which is where Outright Training comes in. We first want to raise awareness among recent graduates with this goal.

Recently we have organised a seminar and also a technical workshop for engineering students in Quest Group of Institutions, Jhanjeri. Students from the mechanical and civil engineering streams have eagerly participated in all of our events listed below

  • Energy Outlook of India
  • Solar Industry: Its Market & Trends
  • Business and Job Opportunities
  • Site General Layout in AutoCAD 2D
  • Off Grid Solar System Design

Our Co-founder, Mr Gautam Bagri, has also offered his solar market knowledge and experience, as well as addressed all of the students’ general and technical queries.

Our CAD Designers used SketchUp software to make a 3D model of the college building without even visiting it to demonstrate how it works in Solar. Our design team’s work wowed the college’s head of admissions and placement officer. They worked well with our staff and inspired children to become more conscious of their surroundings.


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